GentleFeed + Dual Channel Breast Pump


GentleFeed + Dual Channel Breast Pump


Comfortably and gently pump milk easily and efficiently with the GentleFeed+ Dual Channel Breast Pump. Great for busy moms, the compact system pumps from both breasts simultaneously, saving time and effort. The GentleFeed’s adjustable multi-level suction system ensures maximum expression that is comfortable and painless, gently mimicking baby’s sucking action. Plus the GentleFeed’s quiet operation allows for discreet pumping. And the GentleFeed’s components are BPA-free. The GentleFeed+ is lightweight and portable making it great for moms on the go. The unit comes with a handy carry bag and can be powered by four AA alkaline batteries for maximum portability.


  • Highly efficient in expressing breast milk
  • Simple button operation and clear LCD screen to display pumping state.
  • Easy to assemble & clean.
  • Choose from single or double-pumping.
  • Choice of Stimulation or Expression modes.
  • Control suction and speed to suit your comfort level with a total of 28 pumping state options.
  • Piston Pump System imitates baby's sucking rhythm.
  • Comfortable & painless while pumping
  • Silent for discreet pumping.
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) Free.
  • Includes two soft silicone cushion breast cups.
  • Anti-backflow system prevents milk from entering motor.
  • Includes bottle feeding adapter kit &storage containers with lids.
  • May be powered with four AA Alkaline batteries or the included A/C power supply.
  • Convenient carrying bag.
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Power9V AC/4 AAs


Vacuum Chamber1

Suction Levels8

Vacuum Strength60 – 240 mmHg (single pumping) 45 – 210 mmHg (double pumping)

Expression Settings (Suction Speed)5 Preset Speeds

Warranty1 Year Limited

Shipping Weight 16 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions16.63" x 10.94" x 18.62"

User Manual